Band Heaters


  • Plastic Moulding and Extrusion Machinery

  • Internal Heating of Rollers and Cylinders

  • Hot-Melt Adhesive Containers

  • Film Processing Tanks

  • Drum Heating

​​​​​Capable of being used to heat all cylindrical forms and very extensively used in the plastics industry as the heat source for moulding and extrusion machinery. Other applications include drum heating, film processing tanks and hot melt adhesive containers. In addition, they may be used to heat internal diameters when it is desired to conduct dry heat from the inside, e.g. for the internal heating of rollers.

The standard mica band heater consists of a resistance winding which is accurately spaced over a flexible mica insulator to form the element interior. This is then covered by additional mica insulation and fitted into an outer metal casing. The assembly is then formed to the required diameter ensuring an extremely smooth internal finish and thus avoiding local hot spots when a heater is fitted and energised. Standard heaters are available in diameters to suit customers' requirements.

Leads can be fitted from the face or the edge of the heater to facilitate the fitting of heaters in areas where space is limited. Leads can also be fitted from a terminal box if required and metal braided sleeve for additional protection.


  • Sealed Band Heaters

  • Band Heaters in two halved

  • Serrated Band Heaters

  • Knuckle Heaters

Knuckle Heaters are specially designed for working at temperatures up of 450°c. This type also offers advantages of flexibility, providing easy fitting and enabling non-circular cylinders to be evenly heated. The construction is based on an element spiral which is supported in a series of interlocking refractories and then encased in an insulating heat resistant metal outer cover which is itself serrated to maintain flexibility. Flanges prevent displacement of the interior and high duty clamps with roller bolt fasteners ensuring rigid positioning at the high temperature involved.


Standard delivery all Band Heaters: 2 weeks


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