Blade Heaters (Hot Knife)


Also known as PVC Waterstop Heaters. The Hedin Blade Heaters have been developed for jointing PVC sheets and sections swiftly and simply. When the heated blade is applied to the edges to be joined, the PVC melts and the two parts are butt welded by pressing them together.

This heater may be used as a heater source in the other applications, such as the softening, forming and folding of the themoplastic materials.


Generally supplied at 22" or 27" long and 110v or 240v respectively. The heaters are fitted with male 3 pin plugs for operation on building sites, yellow plugs for 110v and blue plugs for 240v. Rated to give a surface temperature of approx. 320°c. This can be reduced by means of an energy regulator or made to an alternative loading. The unit is well earthed, has a moulded rubber handle, and is supplied with 9ft of three core cable, securely clamped.

The blade heaters are made to order. European plugs are also available.


Standard delivery: 3 weeks.

Blade Heater (Hot Knife)