Cast Heaters



  • Food Machinery

  • Extruding

  • Packaging Machinery

  • Hot Platens

  • Vacuum Forming

  • Textile Equipment

  • Heat Sealing

  • Metal Melting

  • Compression Moulding

Where even heat distribution is important, a long working life is essential, the ingress of moisture or contamination a problem, the Hedin Heaters Cast Heaters gives the best results.

The basic heat source of our Cast Heaters is the well tried and tested sheathed heating element. It is flexible in application, robust and utterly reliable. It is rated up to a maximum of 40 watts per square inch, which over the years has proved compatible to long life and reliability.

Having determined the shape and size of the Cast Heater required, the number of holes, slots, or thermocouple location, the element is formed to the basic configuration of the unit, taking into account the need for an even heat distribution and cast centrally into the heater.

They are individually designed and manufactured to suit various heating applications.

In addition to our range of cast heaters, we also produce a complete ceramic band heaters, as well as ceramic strip heaters and plate heaters, designed to operate up to 800°c.

The ceramic range of heaters are designed to operate at elevated temperatures, where the cast and mica heaters are unsuitable. They are designed and manufacturing to suit the customers specific application, and offer the same varied range of terminations and control as our cast and mica range of equipment.

When enquiring please specify the following:

  • Voltage/Wattage

  • Length/Width/Diameter

  • Operating Temperature

  • Location and type of terminals

  • Position of holes/slots/temperature probe

  • Type of temperature control

Cast Heater
Cast Heater

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Platen Diagram
Platen Diagram

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Cast Heater
Cast Heater

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