Circulation Heaters

Heating applications


  • Water

  • Oil

  • Gas

  • Fuel


These heaters consist of a heater assembly bolted into a heating chamber. The heater assembly is made of rod elements formed to shape and brazed to a specified flange. Depending upon the application, the elements are sheathed in copper, mild steel, incoloy, stainless steel or other suitable material, with the appropriate watts density rating. Baffles are normally fitted to increase the flow of liquid or gas past the elements and so preventing local overheating or carbonisation. The heating chamber is normally a carbon steel shell, flanged at one end and blanked off at the other end. Inlet and outlet pipes are welded to the shell at each end to take the flow of liquid or gas. Larger models are fitted with lifting lugs and feet for vertical or horizontal mounting. A drain plug can also be provided when required.

When temperature control is required, a thermostat tube is brazed into the flange to take the sensing bulb, and a thermostat is mounted onto the casing.

The circulation heater can be used for heating most liquids and non-flammable gasses. For special requirements, we will be pleased to quote for suitable heaters.

When making an enquiry, please supply the following information:

  • Type of liquid or gas to be heated

  • Maximum and minimum flow of liquid or gas

  • Inlet and outlet temperatures

  • Maximum operating pressure

  • Kilowatt rating

  • Type of temperature control required

  • Supply voltage

Standard delivery: 6 weeks.

Circulation Heater