Duct Heaters


Our safe area Duct Heaters are designed and manufactured to raise the temperature of air and other non-inflammable gases from ambient to the desired temperature dependent on conditions. The standard heaters are constructed in square, rectangular or circular form. The heater cases are constructed of mild steel using standard incoloy rod elements. The cases are of robust construction and can have fixing flanges fitted at both ends of the unit to facilitate mounting into the customers ducting. Click Here for our Flameproof Duct Heater Range.

Stab-In heaters can be supplied without the duct casing. They are made from standard terminal boxes and can be mounted by cutting a suitable hole in the side of the duct.

All duct heaters are supplied with manual reset cut-outs as standard to protect the heater from airflow failure. Auto reset cut-outs also available.

Optional extras:

  • Integral Thyristor Controls

  • Powder Coating

  • Mesh Wire

  • Silencer

  • Separate Control Panel

Standard delivery: 2 weeks



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