Flameproof Heaters (Explosion Proof)

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Over the years there has been changes in the requirements for electric heating equipment for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In 1971 the British Standards Institute (BSI) produced their series of standards BS.4683, Parts 1-4, which included the principle of temperature classification in Part 1.

Further standards have been issued in the past few years which assist the manufacturer and user in ensuring only safe equipment be installed in potentially explosive atmospheres.

All heaters in our flameproof range can be certified to comply with ATEX or IECEx hazardous area equipment. The heaters are designed so that the elements are fitted into a mounting flange, enabling the flameproof terminal enclosure to be 'stood-off' by a distance which will allow air to circulate freely between the terminal enclosure and the mounting flange. The operating temperature of the terminals enclosure determines this distance.

The temperatures shown below are the maximum surface temperatures allowable on the certified equipment at a given T rating.

  • T1 = 450°c

  • T2 = 300°c

  • T3 = 200°c

  • T4 = 135°c

  • T5 = 100°c

  • T6 = 85°c

This T rating forms part of the certified approval. Temperature class T1 corresponds to the highest permissible surface temperature and T6 to the lowest.

Screwed Immersion Heaters are of standard construction, comprising of one, two or three elements mounted into a screwed boss and fitted with a cast iron certified flameproof terminal enclosure which incorporates an adjustable thermostat and/or safety cut-out device. The elements may be manufactured from a variety of materials, and the wattage rating is determined by the customers specification application. Units are available for either single or three phase operation.


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Immersion Heater
Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater with a withdrawable ceramic core

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Flameproof Duct Heater
Flameproof Duct Heater

Flameproof Air Duct Heater

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Flanged Flameproof Immersion Heater
Flanged Flameproof Immersion Heater

Flanged Immersion Heater with an offset flange

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