Immersion Heaters

  • Fixed Element

  • Withdrawable

  • Flanged

  • Digital


Immersion Heaters are designed to operate efficiently, to ensure long life, and to meet the needs of industry. The standard heater consists of a number of rod elements formed to shape and fitted into a screwed stainless steel or brass head, complete with thermostat pocket and terminal cover.

Depending upon the size of the screwed head and kilowatt rating, either 1, 2 or 3 elements are fitted. Incoloy and Stainless Steel elements are used for heating water and oil.

Smaller heaters are designed for operation up to 240 volts, single phase supply, whilst the larger heaters ares suitable up to 440 volts, 3 phase supply. We have a standard 4" x 4" x 4" terminal cover which is rated to IP67 but bespoke heaters can also be made to your specification. Themostat pockets can be fitted and supplied with the desired temperature range.

Our Withdrawable Immersion Heaters are designed and manufactured to the same high standard as the direct immersion type. The great advantage of these heaters is the element may be replaced by simply removing the terminal box and withdrawing. There is no necessity to dismantle the unit from the tank, nor drain the liquid.

Screwed Head sizes:

  • 1” BSP

  • 1½” BSP

  • 1¾” BSP

  • 2” BSP

  • 2¼” BSP

  • 2½” BSP

Terminal boxes:

  • IP 55

  • IP 66

  • IP 67

Standard delivery : 2 weeks for screwed heads

                               3 - 4 weeks for flanged heaters

When making enquiries please specify the following:

  • Quantity

  • Thread / Flange Sizes

  • Immersed Length

  • Volts - Single or 3 phase

  • Watts

  • Terminal box required and if so IP Rating

  • Thermostat - Temperature range

  • What liquid is being heated

Industrial Immersion Heaters
Industrial Immersion Heaters

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Richard Hedin Immersion Heaters
Richard Hedin Immersion Heaters

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Immersion Heaters
Immersion Heaters

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