Strip Heaters




  • Ovens

  • Press Platens

  • Sealing Tools

  • Hot-Plates

  • Moulds

  • Dies

  • Bain Maries

  • Food warming cabinets

These heaters are of extremely robust construction and provide excellent heating for a wide variety of applications. The high conductivity of the refractory makes these heaters suitable for working temperatures up to 350°c.


The Strip Heaters are fabricated from stainless steel with an 80/20 nickel chrome heater spiral in a refractory material possessing good thermal conductivity. Terminals are generally 2BA and can be in-line or staggered.

We also produce Finned Strip Heaters for excellent heat transfer in air. Typically used in Duct Heating, Shrink Tunnels and Drying Ovens.

Stock items:

8mm Thick x 40mm Wide x 18" Long 240v 1kw staggered terminals

8mm Thick x 40mm Wide x 16" Long 240v 1kw staggered terminals

When enquiring please specify the following:

  • Thickness

  • Width

  • Length

  • Voltage/Wattage

  • In-Line or Staggered Terminals

  • Fixing tabs at each end or not

Strip Heater
Strip Heater